Art Practice Moon Magic: New Moon in Taurus

May4-APMMTaurus It's time for another Art Practice Moon Magic Invitation for your creative practice and reflection... with the New Moon in Taurus this week.

Thanks for the warm reception on last month's video invitation! I enjoy that format as well, so will continue it that way for a time.

Talking it out feels like a great way to practice integrating what I'm learning of the amazing astrology language - which is really all about strengthening relationship and awareness - with my own intuitive sense and creative process observations.

It helps my process, and I hope it inspires yours!

I'm also interested in what you sense and feel about all of this - related to Taurus, the moon phase, or your own intuitive wisdom and creative energy in this season.

What is your attention naturally drawn to in life right now? What seeds feel ripe for sprouting? How does attention to the moon phases help, resonate or shift things for you? Or what particularly compels you about this month's invitation?

So always feel free to share here in the comments (it's the most likely place I'll catch your thoughts, responses and questions).

With all of that said: The New Moon is at 3:30pm eastern time this Friday, May 6.

And here is this month's creative practice invitation:

Don't forget, those of us participating can also connect by using hashtag #artpracticemoonmagic or #holisticcreative over on Instagram, OR over in the Holistic Creative Connection Facebook group.

As always - whether your practice is in a season of privacy or exploring sharing, you are so supported and appreciated.

If you missed it, my response to last month's New Moon in Aries Invitation is RIGHT HERE.

AND... I just realized how perfect it is that this earth element Taurus month is the month I'm devoting to creating & tending details for ORIGIN (for Making Art Medicine) - which is all about our connection to landscape, dreamscape and sense of place, through creative practice, explorative invitations, and intentional reflection. We begin June 6.