Artist~Healer Circle :: Carmen Waterman

Meditate. By Carmen Waterman.

Wowzers, it has been quite a few weeks 

since we've had a guest pick up the talking stick in the Artist~Healer Circle! 

It has been one of those crazy kind of months for everyone, it seems, 

where life takes over and changes plans, 

and where things are being released big time, 

with new beginnings being born in magnificent ways.

The most beautiful part of this to me,

in regards to the circle,

is that each Artist~Healer has been able to step into their truth,

lovingly voice their needs,

and tend to self.

And I've gently reminded each of them

that this is perfect.

Schedules can be changed.

Deadlines for sharing self are arbitrary and secondary

when it comes to the wellbeing of one's whole experience and health.

And as Artist~Healers, it is imperative that we live this

and model it to others.

BUT TODAY!!!!! ~

I am SUPER excited to hold space for the sharing of a new Artist~Healer guest,

Carmen Waterman!

Here she is...

Have you always identified yourself as BOTH an Artist and a Healer?

I certainly haven’t always considered myself as either an artist or a healer.  When I was growing up my artistic talents did not present themselves in a way that my parents or others thought of as “any good.”  In fact I remember times when things I brought home were laughed at.  I was chastised as a dreamer like that was a bad thing and I learned at an early age to keep things to myself a lot. 

Then in my late teens a beloved Aunt took me under her wing and taught me the joys of ceramics and creating art by means of painting and finishing ceramic statues, plaques, and other objects.   I loved it, and began to let my artist heart begin to blossom.  This was the beginning of finding a passion and ability to express so very much.  In 1997 I begin creating digital artwork and it has become my medium of choice.  I love to create from a place of limitless fantasy and inspiration, creating images that take people on a healing journey through their imagination.

When I was in my early twenties I took a Myers Briggs temperament indicator that totally changed my way of looking at myself.  I began to understand who I was inside and what others could sense about me.  I am an INFP often referred to as the Healer/Idealist.  This was really the birth of my claiming the healer in me. I had always been the one others turned to when they were hurting. I have always felt others pain and could sense when things were not right but I hadn’t put a name to any of it and while I began to know this part of myself it wasn’t until I began my Reiki training that I was willing to fully embrace my ability to provide healing to others.  

My artwork has always been a way for me to express many of life’s challenges and the pain I see and feel.  Today both of these gifts are very connected.

Have you always been comfortable with calling yourself an “Artist” and “Healer”?

I don’t really call myself an artist or a healer.  I’m just not very good with labels.  Some of that is due to early childhood labels that were not so complimentary.  I truly believe we are more than our gifts, more than our role at home or at work, more than our illnesses and disabilities and more than what other people think of us.  I know that I have been blessed and am very thankful for the divine presence of spirit and hope, for without these I would still have been lost.

Hope. By Carmen Waterman

I started my journey as a “wounded healer,” growing up around alcoholism with emotional and verbal wounds that left deep and lasting scars on my heart and spirit.  It was the dreamer that helped me to find my way and embrace all aspects of myself.  I have been diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia and while there are some days when I cannot do much more than hold on for a better day, I have learned about self-compassion and loving kindness and the importance of being able to share this with myself as well as others.  I do believe that often what we experience in life helps us to be able to understand and to help others.  For me this is the greatest part of both art and healing.  The ability to make a difference to someone is a blessing that gives to both the one receiving as well as the one giving.

Compassion. By Carmen Waterman

Does your creative expression inform you, or offer you a unique perspective, as a Healer or the other way around?

I believe that it is actually a system that works both ways. I know that my creative ability to recognize patterns and sense subtle things that others miss helps me to connect with what someone needs.  I find this particularly true when I am performing Reiki treatments.  I am able to sense colours and hues, and areas of warmth and cold.  My mind’s eye is able to see and feel as it connects with what I need to do. 

I also believe that I am able to artistically express and share many of the things people are struggling with.  The image below is an example of that.  This was created to express the struggle of pain both physically and mentally and the fight to not let it define or restrict you.  It is called “Thief.”

Thief. By Carmen Waterman.

Can you share a true story or experience highlighting the relationship between art and healing.

My most recent opportunity to connect my artwork with healing has been in the creation of The Rainbow Travellers Tarot.  This 78 card deck of my own original artwork is a tool I am now using to help people find validation, clarity and answers to many questions regarding their experiences and journey.  Last week was the first time these newly printed cards had the opportunity to be part of public event where I did mini readings for many of the women that attended the Weekend Expo. 

Each of the cards was created to be an insightful guide that has a message of their own, besides the traditional archetype meanings.  What happened was something I never expected. Sharing the cards and intuitively connecting with my healer and guides I was able to so often relate exactly what the person sitting across from me needed to hear.  There were tears, laughter and many times deep sighs of affirmation that it was something they so deeply needed to hear and believe.  I was reminded of what a great shaman healer once said to me, “Sometimes we just need someone to walk with us for a bit in order for us to find our way.”  While I have always been a tarot enthusiast, I had never thought of it as yet another type of healing tool. 

Healer Wands. By Carmen Waterman

Do you have any services or projects upcoming that you'd like to share?

To find out more about The Rainbow Travellers Tarot and the opportunity to purchase this Limited First Edition follow this link:

In November I will be releasing an eBook called “Intuitive Readings” as well as an eight week online eCourse.  The site above will be updated as these become available.

Where can readers find out more about you or connect with you?

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May your days be filled with the things you love!

Brightest Blessings


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