Artist~Healer Circle :: Gloria Gypsy

Calcination. by Gloria Gypsy

I'm super excited to present a passionate Artist~Healer today

who will offer us a slice of her story.

This post and amazing art is from the radiant

Gloria Gypsy!

 I have identified myself as an artist first and foremost my entire life. I do not remember a time when I didn't have a crayon or pencil in hand scribbling about. Throughout childhood I kept a diary as many young girls do but my diaries tended to include more artwork then usual (what would be known today as art journaling). I drew when I was happy, I drew when I was angry or sad, I drew to try to explain feelings, things... I didn't know how to explain with words.

I continued with art as my primary interest and driving force into adulthood and continued with my journals still painting more then drawing in them. These journals helped me throughout my life, as I grew and evolved so to did my art grow and evolve. Then, in my mid thirties I became interested in energy healing. After reading about different modalities and ancient energy healing practices I started to realize how close the healing energies and creative energies are to one another!

This led me to study Reiki and Seichim (SKHM) energy healing and in 2009 I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a Seichim Master Teacher. It was after this that I began combining the two energies when I created and also when I was healing.

Today I am an artist and healer.

As a healer I have continued with my energy healing and also teach Reiki courses, As an artist I combine the healing and creative energies in my work . Although many of these works are created from a personal perspective I have found that they have affected and helped others. I've had family and friends who've asked for personal pieces I had hanging in my home because they “felt better” when by that particular piece or “feel drawn” to it.

I now offer this healing art (both traditional and print) to be used as meditation guides. I have a digitally created chakra set that I offer completely free for personal use to download or to print themselves for chakra meditation visuals:  

More of my healing art can be found on my website:

I am very excited about my current project! I am in the process of creating a healing energies deck based on the the five elements we are all familiar with (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) but incorporates the necessary energy and chakra work for each element.

This is a big project for me not only in regards to creating the artwork for the deck but I will also be writing the accompanying instruction book for the deck. This will be a first for me. I've dabbled a bit here and there with writing but nothing this big!

Etheric Sun. by Gloria Gypsy

Fehu. by Gloria Gypsy

The Journey. by Gloria Gypsy

Energy Healing. by Gloria Gypsy

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