Quietly, Eternal Lovers

Quietly ~

doesn't mean absent
or less
or better or worse
or submissive, retreating
or unengaged
or somehow less interested,

It doesn't even mean slower,
or quieter...
except when it does.

These past so many weeks,
I've just noticed a different feeling inside.

Quietly ~

Just a little more awareness to my mind
as I close my eyes, without fear,
to the salty sting of being uncontrollably consumed,
by a world I rarely understand,
and by a calling from her rich bellyhome of soil
I cannot name
nor control.

Consciously, I feel
more attentive to my heart and body
in their submissive bliss to moontide sense.

There is a rising,
A heightened desire to stop trying so hard to clean the muck and clutter,
trying to fix and analyze and amend,
and instead to just let it all settle down inside
into the softer, sure kiss of eternal lovers, waves and land,
where what comes and goes
is in perfect rhythmic order, ever so...

I pray to remember this.