basic supplies for visual journaling {free pdf!} + last chance sale

basic supplies for visual journaling, Hali Karla Arts I recently had to put together a basic visual journaling supply list as a small part of a larger workshop I was invited to create for a beautiful program in 2015 (mum's the word on the details for now).

So for the list, I added the bare-bone basics on what to start with, based on my must-have-with-me-at-all-times, plus some of my favorite additions for creative journaling. Nothing too fancy or odd here - but I thought some of you might like a copy, too. It contains links! (no affiliation, just love)

Visual, creative or art journaling is such a fun, powerful tool for insight, and staying connected to our truth, joy and processes - for anyone who's curious to try - not just 'artists.'

Whether you are just beginning or beginning again, here's my take on a basic supply list to get your wheels turning, your heart pumping, and your hands antsy to express:



Also, today starts the Last Chance September super sale for Spectrum 2014, a holistic visual journaling workshop that now has over 300 global participants! It's a super deal and a great way to enhance your journaling from home and still connect with others if you choose. This is the last month to join us this year.

You can learn more HERE.

september SALE - Spectrum 2014, over 30 workshops for creative journaling