Chart Your Creative Energy by the Moon (free pdf + more coming soon)

chart your creative energy and rhythms by the moon - free moon wheel chart from Hali Karla Arts Connecting with the wisdom and wonder of celestial cycles and rhythms is a beautiful way to tap into your innate relationship with nature. And the moon – somehow both mysterious and reliable -  is a sweet and generous welcome to this vast territory of self-reflection and growth.

There is so much great information out there on how we've used our relationship and understanding of the moon to navigate seasons, survival and the nuances of life's many dimensions... from ancient and effective rhythms for planting/harvesting food to connecting with the parts of our soul that will never be adequately described or tamed... thank goodness.

I love exploring the integration of different approaches… and if there's a way to explore how something effects my creative process and rhythms, you can bet I'm diving in, taking note and experimenting with how to bring consciousness and contemplation to it, to expand my awareness.

That's what this Moon Chart journey intention is about.

Back in 2015, I began really paying attention to the daily moon signs, and noticing how this did or did not effect my personal experience and creative flow. I've noticed a distinct connection for me between the Moon phases, elements and signs, and my own creative energy for my daily practice, projects and process. I'm still noticing. It's fascinating... and so helpful.

And I'm betting some of you might be interested in exploring this, too.

So, for today, on this Aries New Moon... Aries marking the beginning of an astrological New Year, and Spring for those of us dwelling in the northern hemispheres... I'm sharing with you a free chart* and a couple of tips to get you started on using it.

I will share more details during this next lunar cycle (month) on how to engage with it, bringing curiosity and approaches specific to creative energy and how it can help you stick with your creative practices, while honoring your natural rhythms.

If you already have a moon charting system going - you can tweak these ideas into your own format - perfect! I actually do this in my linear calendar most consistently - but the circular format is particularly helpful when beginning, and in connecting with the cycle, as well as for those of us who are resonant with visual and circular ways of learning and recognizing patterns or themes.

So, let's get you started today, remembering that this first month is about getting familiar with the ideas and the tracking habit... and that I'll be sharing more details about it throughout the month (so keep an eye on your inboxes if you're on my mailing list, and here at the blog).

  1. Download & print your free Creative Energy Moon Chart HERE. •••
  2. Starting with the middle black circle on the bottom of the chart wheel - representing the New Moon - write today's date (March 27) in the outer rim (write small, leaving a little extra space for the moon sign). If you join in later, STILL WRITE THE DATE OF THE LAST NEW MOON for your location, in that segment. Also, if you're timezone is ahead of the states, write the date of the New Moon in your time (the 28th) •••
  3. Then, going clockwise, work around the circle, writing in the date for each segment. (The Full Moon this next month is April 11 - and that will be up at the top of the circle) •••
  4. Next, on another sheet of paper, make a list of words to describe feelings, moods or states you often experience in your creative practice... such as: resistance, flow, inspired, productive, all-over-the-place, detail-oriented, quiet, energetic, etc. Then go back through and select 5-10 that are most predominant for you. These are the ones you will use to note your daily overall creative-energy mood •••
  5. Optional embellishment... If you like, create a symbol for each word, or choose a color or pattern. Then, at the end of each day, you can fill in the segment for that day with either a few descriptive words from your list - or the symbols, patterns or colors that represent your words - to chart the rhythms of your creative energy over the next lunar cycle.

That's enough to get started with today's New Moon (or whenever you hop over and find this)!

If you're new to moon charting, hopefully it feels simple and do-able so far. You can start making note tonight, of what you're overall creative mood or energy was like today - and we'll be adding some more parts along the way this lunar cycle.

If you're an experienced moon chart-er with some astrological know-how - integrate this into how you do your observing... and if you want to jump ahead, add those Moon signs to the outer rim, too (that's the next step).

Inspired by how much my participants in In The Stars love this stuff and want to learn more, I will be sharing thoughts and some simple demos about setting up your chart, the process, and how to incorporate awareness of elements and zodiac signs.

I'll also share what we might discover about how to approach, nurture and honor our creative rhythms... so that our creative practice can truly be sustainable, insightful, fun and supportive to our life, needs and sense of vitality.

And I hope to hear from and connect with some of you about what you discover along the way, too! So stay tuned... and if you have any specific questions you'd like me to address this next month, let me know.

As in art, so in life... as above, so below... and so it goes. What a gift!

Here's to pure love for the wonder of creation,

Hali Karla

UPDATE: You can now get the free pdf & all the Moon Chart Prep videos in order RIGHT HERE


* The chart I made for us is a modified version of a free one shared with me that has worked pretty well. In hunting it down, though, I couldn't find an active link to the original from Clara Bitcon (it was some years ago she put it out)... so I went ahead and added that outer rim to my version, for marking the dates and signs. Maybe you already have a chart you love to use - perfect. Or draw your own! Just be sure it has 30 segments (not just 28), or you may run into issues in future months.