Chart Your Creative Energy by the Moon Part 2 (with videos)

Prep Your Creative Energy Moon Chart - how-to videos with Hali Karla Arts Yesterday, I shared a free Moon Wheel chart pdf and some quick tips on how to get it started as a way of tracking your creative energy rhythms.

In case you missed it, you can download the chart HERE, (or visit the post HERE).

If you like to see how things are done visually or hear the instructions, I totally get it... so today I'm sharing two videos to help you prepare your moon wheel chart, with ideas about how to set it up, how to pay attention to the energy of the moon phases, and choosing your key words and symbols for daily tracking.

This is enough to get you started with bringing special attention to your unique creative rhythms, how they may relate to the natural cycle of the moon, and bringing consciousness to how you intentionally or organically engage, honor and participate with them in your personal creative practice.

In the next few days, I'll share more about incorporating the daily moon sign and corresponding elements into the web of what we can notice, and what can offer us insight and invitation with our creativity.

I hope you enjoy - whether you're integrating this into your existing planning or tracking methods, or totally new to the idea of moon charting. I have found it so meaningful and fascinating for self-discovery and reflection - and for channeling my focus in ways that come natural to my personal rhythms and affinities.

Step 1 :: Setting Up Your Chart + Considering the Moon Phases


Step 2 :: Choosing Your Key Words & Symbols for Tracking Your Creative Energy Rhythms



Once you have your chart set up you are ready to go. yesterday was the New Moon, so jot down what you remember about your creative energy yesterday - or just start  tracking whenever you join in.

What I'm really excited to share with you, though, is the next part... where we look at the zodiac sign that the moon is in each day that we are tracking, and the elements they are associated with.

This is where the real gold is, I feel, when it comes to connecting the dots between our creative rhythms and the lunar cycle.

much love,

Hali Karla

UPDATE: You can now get the free pdf & Moon Chart Prep videos RIGHT HERE