Creative Energy with the VIRGO Moon: tending the gap with care

Creative Energy focus when the Moon is the the sign of VIRGO | Hali Karla Arts

When the Moon is in earthy Virgo, our energy can see clearly where we are, and the gap between that and where we could be (better).

Your internal flow may be found in activities that get things in order, make space, align efforts, spark healing, tend the details, serve the body.

There may be fixing, fussing, critiquing, and a pull toward the way things work and assuring they run smooth and efficiently. Listen to your astute instincts here.

Infuse this impulse with the conscious intention to release any fixation on perfection(ism), and to instead shine love+acceptance for what IS onto those places we may instinctually want to change. This includes body, mind, spirit… details of life, work, relations…. all the things we care for deeply.

So pour your loving, effective attention into what TRULY needs help, cleansing and healing right now.

AND get clear about what you may simply need to LET BE, in the bigger picture of your creative process & life.

Good holistic care-giving and efficient+loving service begins, and sustains well, only when compassionate self-care for your creative energy + needs is on the top of your to-do list, tended first, before all else.

These Lunar Creative Energy posts are short+sweet notes of encouraging focus tips, and in no way comprehensive of each sign’s creative imprint spectrum or the moon’s symbolism.

You carry all 12 zodiac sign archetypes in a unique combination and way, with a calling to be wholly You in your living experience and relationships. Your birth chart offers custom guidance and light - like a love letter from Creator/Source on the day you were born - for navigating, nourishing and realizing your needs, possibilities, and the love you were born to give and allow yourself to receive. Astrology doesn't predict the future - it invites you consciously into helping co-create it with your unique energetic imprint. Creative Practice can help you tap into what this *feels* like for you specifically.

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