Creative Energy with the Leo Moon: act out your big heARTed love

Creative Energy focus when the Moon is the the sign of Leo | Hali Karla Arts

The Moon in Leo is an often misunderstood energy... often quieter than assumed, an energy that shines naturally outward from within.

Emotional and creative flow come by expressing your vision, humor, passion and joy. Share yourself generously somehow.

AND… also remind your tender heart that part of being 'out there' is about strengthening our capacity to realize that we might be misunderstood, or feel un-seen, regardless of positive, negative or absent validation.

It's totally OK and perfectly human to want or need to be appreciated, too! Too little of this breaks our hearts. So appreciate, appreciate, appreciate who and what you love… and recognize when you need to go into the spaces and places where you receive this, too.

Knowing one's creative energy+power lies in bringing what is inside of us out into the hands of the world... uninhibited, with curiosity, come what may.

That big Love you carry… Act it out, with childlike faith. Simply because a part of your very big Creative Spirit+Heart must.

Move into the warmth of the light, trust your creative instincts and play your part, however big or small, with everything you're made of.

These Lunar Creative Energy posts are short+sweet notes of encouraging focus tips, and in no way comprehensive of each sign’s creative imprint spectrum or the moon’s symbolism.

You carry all 12 zodiac sign archetypes in a unique combination and way, with a calling to be wholly You in your living experience and relationships. Your birth chart offers custom guidance and light - like a love letter from Creator/Source on the day you were born - for navigating, nourishing and realizing your needs, possibilities, and the love you were born to give and allow yourself to receive. Astrology doesn't predict the future - it invites you consciously into helping co-create it with your unique energetic imprint. Creative Practice can help you tap into what this *feels* like for you specifically.


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