creative practice in faith

Faith is the breakthrough into that deep realm of the soul which accepts paradox and mystery with humility.

- W. Johnston

This is a free-flowing spread from my personal Creative Practice this month - an intuitive, visual contemplation on light and dark and formation...

In other news, after moving through a season (or three) of feeling at a loss for words to share, I spent hours writing a post yesterday. In the editing, I decided to make it a podcast. Then - just as I was ready to hit record - the program I had written in crashed, access to my musing disappeared and the file was no where to be found.

And even though it felt pretty good to be back in the seat of soulful writing (how I do), and even though I felt aligned with the message I was sharing, I actually felt relieved overall.

Relieved that it's not time yet, even though it felt like it could be. That mystery is still moving and forming these words in me, or that maybe their expression is not meant for words at all.

And that, as much as I try to fit things neatly on my calendar in seemingly practical and reasonable ways, when I am being true and devoted to Creative Spirit and its mysterious ways, the only thing that is ever truly required, every single day, is my faith and trust.