Dearest Creative Succulent Women

I wrote a note to the participants in my class in


the other night. 

It was one of those notes that needed to be written somehow - and maybe even mostly for me, because I stepped away from it with a deeper glimpse of my own truth. I know that will make sense to some of you, even if the note itself is just a really a taste of my sentiment....

March 25, 2012

Dearest Creative Succulent Women -


It has been said so many times that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience. While I tend to think there is even more to it than that, I personally find a stirring of deep truth within that saying.


And if it is true, I pose this pondering to you...

there is a reason

we are having a Human experience, as Spiritual beings. Our spirits have something to learn from this Human form, and this Human form is very much about physical manifestation and experience.


We have something divine to gather from our time in these bodies – breathing, pulsing, laughing, moving, growing, aging, birthing and dying. Our senses are our translating tools to gather the wisdom of the physical. Our very bodies then, in turn, become the telephones carrying the message of our creative souls from our Source out into this amazing world.


Understanding this exchange of communication between our environment and our bodies, and between our bodies and our spirits is what deeply interests me. There is great healing and transformation waiting to be known in the delicate, divine whisperings that make up who we are.


We can begin by honoring the messages and playfulness of our bodies, and by learning how to listen and become aware to what She (our body) is telling us... she speaks rivers of knowing about our soul's desires and truths, and she does this because this knowing is encoded in every cell that makes her You. She offers warnings and signposts with every sensation. I truly believe this.


We tend to ignore this bodily wisdom in the day to day, though. Our busy minds like to take centerstage and put on a good flashy show convincing us why they deserve the spotlight. So we neglect, ignore, abuse, overwork and overlook our beautiful bodily vessels until they do something drastic to demand our attention. 

Truth be told, though – to honor this Life fully, to live it with spiritual holistic vitality, I believe it is our job to gently tell our minds to step aside and share the stage with the offerings of our body's wisdom. Only then can we participate fully in this Human experience.


Perhaps, you can see why these ideas appeal to both the Artist and the Healer/Nurse in me!  You see, I can no more heal you than I can make art that tells the story of your soul. You are your own Healer; you are your own Artist.


That is,


are the Healer, the Creator, the Artist of your unique Life and experience. And I am mine. We are here to guide and inspire and encourage one another. To gain a fuller understanding of this amazing existence by offering our little piece to the puzzle of the world – it could be the piece that makes it all make sense to another on their journey. It could be the very piece that shifts and evolves us as a collective.


So, this class is playful and fun, but its calling comes from a deeper place within me. And I just wanted to share that with you as an offering of how honored I am to have you here, trying it out and sharing your piece of the puzzle with me and with each other.


With Love and Light,

~ hali



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