Gratitude Painting ~ Spring 2012

I feel it every year, 
an amazing stirring of energy and delight,
a fern-curled restlessness and awe 
waiting for the channel of intention to open
as the flowering trees offer their petal kisses to Mother's flesh.
It seems the seasons shift in my very cells
Warming, wanting, waiting, urging
until I make space to participate 
in the reverence manifesting all around.
So, I listen
and with the past New Moon
I began this painting to release and expand upon 
the immense gratitude I feel with the presence of Springtime.

for the sorrows of living, for the pleasures
for the mystery of the gifts & roles bestowed upon me
for the roots of change and pain, 
and the lovelight of resilience in my family
for the unfolding seeds of parallel abundance
allowed to emerge, stretch, 
catch flight, and flutterby dance 
with grace and joy to wind waves
and Mother's slow-soft tick-tock
until landing in perfect form
for the shifts of soil, sun and rain
to unleash the divine within.

And this is what came forth.
This is what I feel.
~ hali

The music used in this video is an original song 
by a couple of friends of ours who live in Knoxville, TN - Laura Bost and James Maples. 
When the song was recorded, they were in a band called Centralia Massacre
and now you can hear them perform their music-art as The Great Great Pines.
Click on either of those links to hear and learn more. It's good stuff.