December Prayer Art Invitation


There is just... so much this time of year.

If you're anything like me - a tendency toward energetic sensitivity, that is - you feel it all over your body, in your mind, and focus....

So, this month I want to share with you one of my top three mantras for coming back to center, and invite you to embrace this as your own prayer or intention this month - in your creative and contemplative practice, and also as you move through the commitments of the holiday season with your loved ones.

Whenever you feel worn, tense, scattered, overwhelmed, spiraling in mind babble, or just wanting to connect and soften, take a deep breath and whisper in your heartmind:

Gentle, Gentle, Gentle

If you bring this, or any other prayer to your pages, crafts or art this month, share it and hashtag it with #prayerart - if you do the hashtag thing. You'll be able to see glimpses of my practice and process with that tag, too.

Or - if you reflect on this practice on your blog or elsewhere, let me know in a comment here or over at the Hali Karla Arts facebook page. I'd love to support you in your practice and see what energy we raise together when we consciously choose to soften into our own skin and creativity.



As always, any woman interested in being in supportive community through the intentional, personal practice of joining your spiritual and creative processes, just send me a private message on my personal fb page to add you to the Sacred Art of Women (SAW) group. We are over 300 strong, and would love to welcome you to our circle!