Wrong Turns & Right Paths {Art Journaling Blog-Hop Video!!}


It's the pre-party for 21 Secrets Live! this month! Today is the first blog-hop celebration - with a response to the Week 1 Topic:

When the painting you are working on makes a “wrong” turn–what do you do?

I even picked some funny~feeling music to go with this video where I show you just how I deal with this wrong turn stuff - because, you know, it's just a funny-quarky-uncomfortable feeling to have when your mind tells you a piece has turned all wrong.

Grab a cuppa, enjoy my art journaling video into the mysteries of the wrong turn, and then hop over to Lisa and Connie's blogs to see what they have to say about those "wrong" turns in the creative process.


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Every now and then I have a piece I just scrap - but most often, when I see them through, it's those wrong turns that show me the most curious insights about my own story, patterns and creative awakenings.

There's another little something I do that I didn't mention in the video - though I do it with pretty much every journal page or painting when I reach an uncomfortable trap set by my inner critic... and that's to just step away. For a few minutes, an hour, a few days - whatever it takes to move back into a fresh eye and a pure relationship with the piece.

Step away, breathe, make a cup of tea or go on a walk, and then come back and trust that any 'wrong' turn is actually leading me down a path of discovery and freedom in my process that is better than I could've imagined or planned ahead of time.

What could be more right than that?


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Next week's topic is:

How do you make space for your art, especially when life already feels so busy?