Earth~Wise Prayer Painting


This Prayer Painting was my first LIVE prayer painting offering.

At the SEWW Herbalism Conference, I invited women to leave healing prayers, gratitudes, intentions - whatever was in their heart - on a little slip of paper to be laid onto the canvas for a spontaneous painting in honor of our relationship with the Earth.

It was a joy to be able to talk to people about the process, and to have firsthand interaction and response as they would walk by to see the progress between their workshop classes. This time, I continued to glue prayers onto the painting even after I began laying color (normally I add them all at once in the beginning).

Perhaps what is most touching, that I still don't fully have words for - was the sincerity of gratitude that women expressed to me - for bringing this to the time they were sharing together, for engaging in this process, for opening dialogue about the healing power of recognizing that creative expression is a direct channel to spirit or Source.

As with every collective prayer painting I've done, I step away... quieter... humbled and honored... and deep in gratitude and connection to something that is bigger than me alone or any words I could use to try to express the grace and empowerment of unified intention, deliberate energetic mindfulness and devoted Trust to our part in the Great Mystery.

Thank you, Sweet Wise Women of the conference, for all of your prayers. It was an honor to witness you and release your prayers to the intuitive creative process, perhaps deepening our tangible commitment to sharing and living in harmony and awareness with our beautiful Earth and all beings of life and spirit.

We have a lot of love between us to offer - and our world needs it. What a blessing to see the abundance when such a need is calling us forth.

And thank YOU for stopping by to witness the photos of the process...














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