First Full Moon of 2017: Art Practice Moon Magic Invitations Are Back

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There will be another round of Art Practice Moon Magic Invitations this year - that is, prompts and musings for your reflective and creative practice, inspired by the moon's sign once a month.

This year I'll be switching the invitations from the New Moons to the Full Moons.

The energy of the new moon, of course, is all about planting seeds and going inward to set intentions for the lunar cycle. Following the new moon is the waxing phase, which is a time of forward motion and activating those intentions.

The full moon, then, is the perfect time to illuminate where you're at with the actions and to notice what type of focus and energy will help move you toward either a sense of closure and completion. The Full Moon says, Look, Feel, See Me.

Following the full moon is the waning phase, when the light is decreasing again, and this is the perfect time to fulfill those intentions and plans and take stock of the results. Then the cycle starts over again every 28-29 days.

Within these lunar cycles, the moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs... so every two days or so the lunar energy is flavored with a certain emotional and relational quality. over the course of the year, we'll shine a little full moon light on each of the twelve zodiac signs - and you can see how they inspire and interface with your creative practice and intentions.

So our very first full moon this year is Thursday, January 12 at 6:33am EST in the sign of Cancer... ♋︎

The moon just happens to rule the sign of Cancer, too - so there's some amplified lunar energy and lots of love and nurturing available with this particular cycle.

So as you take a little time for your creative rituals, prayers or practices with the full moon this week, think of how you can create an environment or time to do so that feels safe, so that you are able to be truly, fully available to the love being offered.

I've created a downloadable audio for you to kick off our new Art Practice Moon Magic cycle, and get started with the palette of feelings and introspections that might come up with this full moon.

Cancer is an intuitive sign - and a perfect one to offer us a little direct reflection about our creative practice intentions for the year, too. With the Sun in Capricorn, we just might see how to make those intentions take form and bloom to fruition.

So grab your art journal or favorite pen and paper, and listen in below - or download the mp3 to enjoy later...

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

(To download the audio mp3 for later, click here, and then right-click and save to your device)

Want to connect with others or share about your Art Practice Moon Magic process, creations and discoveries? Join the Holistic Creative Connection group or use hashtags #artpracticemoonmagic or #holisticcreative over on Instagram so we can find one another.

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Wishing you a creative full moon infused with good feelings,

Hali Karla