All The Things We Want To Say... plus, some announcements


pen and paper, prayer pages in my art journal There isn't enough time in the day to say all the things we want to say, let alone to find the words that somehow do justice to the longing and passion behind them.

And... so often, it seems there is rarely time in the day for the silence that our souls thirst for... that space in which our words can fall away and there is simply Presence. Love. Spirit. Rest. Connection. Peace.

There's... a lot... in the world right now, is there not?

There's a lot in my world right now... the inner and the outer. The changing. The contraction and expansion with the world at large....

It seems I don't even know where to begin with words. Yet I am ever grateful for the simplicity of pen on paper. The beauty of small swooshes of color. Prayers in the quiet. Kindness that is unexpected and expects nothing. And my innate sense of connection to Source, to God, to the Great Mystery. For this day. Another breath. Another chance to try to be better than yesterday, to not give up.

I am grateful for those who have words when I don't. Those who share joy and wonder in creation, as well as hard truths. Those who see beauty and light in the darkness, and are not afraid to hold space for all of it. Those who will not look away from the darkness because their hearts and eyes are open wide to one another, who know love is greater than all the fuss of our egos and toil of the world. Those who can be with, in quiet and witness and actions rooted in virtue. And for the parts of me that sometimes can be those things, too, when spirit moves and calls, and I am able.

All of that said, here are some of the things happening in my world, and that you may like to know about:

In The Stars is off to a beautiful start (and you can join in anytime)!

I am so in awe of the brilliance and enthusiasm of the group coming together... they fill me up, and I feel so blessed to facilitate this experience, and for all the ways it can plant seeds and ignite sparks of inspiration.

As I'm now IN the process of creating and holding space for this new program, I've realized that it does make sense to leave registration open - at least for the time being. I'm not sure how long, but I'll have a better feel as we all move into integrating the parts of the program as they roll out.

So, do please JOIN US, if you are curious about exploring your own astrological natal chart through creative practice and a gentle, guided journey into the language of symbols, archetypes and cosmic impressions of creation. You will find the group is full of all levels of experience, and the support to be warm and welcoming.

Here is one of the pages from a demo lesson, from the creative practice side of things...

This spread is from a visual exploration of our Sun and Rising signs in In The Stars. There's an interesting thing... when we become deep witnesses to how we interact with, react to and express our creative process and energy, we can see all sorts of correlations to languages that can deepen our self-awareness and strengthen+nurture how we show up. I find a most intriguing coupling between how we approach our creative practice and what our birth chart has to say.... Spirit speaks to us in so many ways... and there are so many ways to listen. This spread of mine feels different than my more uninhibited, raw pages that flow out like my Pisces-sun sense swims. And by contemplating on the nuances of our rising sign, too, this makes some sense, too. Pisces can feel a bit like fish out of water in this world, where we take on forms and try to function in earthly ways... And my ruling Venus peeked into this page, too. A refreshing twist of presence from some of my messier spreads that are more about release. ... #starsandart #creativepractice #astrology #everythingisconnected #creativeprocess #knowyourself #artheals #pisces #artjournal #mixedmediaart #signsandwonders

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I'm also super happy to be contributing a lesson, called Elemental Affinities, to Kiala Givehand's new program, Pull Pen Paint.

The program is about journaling with the inspiration tarot or oracle cards can offer. I'm bringing a little astrological flair into the mix for a journal spread, too. There are eleven other inspiring teachers contributing to the fun 30 day program - which begins February 27... learn more and join in right here.

Kiala knows how to create an interactive, joyful and creative journey - so if cards are your thing, check this one out:

Pull Pen Paint Teachers - I'm teaching a lesson called Elemental Affinities I also had the chance to contribute to another fun offering from artist Kristal Norton early in the New Year, called Find Your Style.

Annnnd... the New Year has been flying by for me, so I haven't mentioned it yet (*facepalm*). But if you are looking for inspiration, stories and tips on how you can discover, claim and express your unique style, from a variety of perspectives, this is the offering for you.

12 perspectives on this common inquiry in creative practice


There are other Hali Karla Arts announcements coming up, but I'll save a few for another time.

As for my personal world, a few big things...


I'm going to be an auntie!

That pic was a couple of months ago now, but still....

Of course, I am already an auntie to five beautiful kiddos up north on my in-law side of things.

This time, though, it's my sister. She's one of my best friends, too - and lives close to us, so it feels especially special. I get the honor of acting as her doula, too. Gotta put that nursing experience to use somehow!

Also, in less than two weeks, I'm hitting the big 4-0. It has me in a spin of life-reflection, which I suppose is par for the course. That's all I'll say about that for now...

If you made it this far, thanks for being here - and much love to you and yours.

I do share more on Instagram these days, so if you're over there, let's connect.

With joy,

Hali Karla