From Scared to Sacred

The woods can be a scary place...

just like this big ol' world of ours, if we think about it too much.

What's scarier to me, though, is being stuck.

Stuck in how I see the world, stuck in how I live in it, stuck in the comforts of familiarity or insincere positivity,

stuck in the overwhelming stimulation,

stuck in keeping my own voice quiet when my heart says something different...

stuck in trying to please everyone else and not learning what it means to live boldly, shamelessly in my own truth and experience.

I want compassion and trust and transformation.

I don't just "want" it - it MOVES me.

I want to know my truth fully, openly expressed while compassionately allowing and advocating for others to do the same.

I want to know what it feels like to lean into each other despite our differences.

That's real scary to me.

And very exciting.

Because I sense how deeply we need it in this world - from each of us.

We need a new kind of empathy.

To find "simplicity on the other side of all of this complexity."

To shift from "being insulted to being informed."

We need to "lean into difference."

Things are changing - we all feel it.

This change that we feel will REQUIRE that we SHIFT from "scared to Sacred."

To MOVE from the myth of "standing out" to kneeling down.

~ ~ ~

yes yes yes

Even if 16 minutes is not quite enough to expand adequately on these thoughts, this video is worth a listen!