Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Musings for Soulful Creatives

Full Moon in Aquarius Creative Practice musings and prompts (August 2017) To individuate or to immerse in the greater good of all? To express for Self or Other? How about simply for the joy or truth of it? This is a touch of the polarity of energies and ideas brought to us by the Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse in the visionary, rebellious sign of Aquarius.

To claim courage for authenticity, in the name of liberating one's innermost joy and momentum for what is to come... no matter how we might look to others...  yes, that also.

Because Aquarius knows we heal the world by first healing ourselves... and we shine brightest together when we let our individual freak flags fly high and free without shame, letting no quarky, eccentric or weird idea be held back from the shared river of consciousness and the journey of discovering truths.

Our becoming something greater than what we already are absolutely depends on this, says Aquarius. And the Sun in Leo agrees, and reminds us to keep our bold, generous hearts in it as well.

As always with the full moon and lunar phases, there is this question of what is coming into the light, rising to be seen, coming to completion? What needs closure or release? Aquarius wants us to look at what this means for the future, for our dreams and visions and what we are a part of creating.

This month’s Full Moon is Monday, August 7 (2017) at 2:10pm EDT in the sign of AQUARIUS ♑︎

I hit record yesterday and mused a bit, on the Moon in Aquarius/Sun in Leo axis, for your reflective and creative practices this month. Whatever phase you or the moon is in when you listen, I hope you enjoy the recording below.

[audio mp3="https://www.halikarla.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/APMM-2017AQUARIUSFullMoon2.mp3"][/audio]

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Wishing you an electric surge of fresh clarity and the courage to be your most natural and true You in this next month and exciting eclipse season! (You do know about the solar eclipse coming up on August 21, right?!)

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Shine On, Hali