Away From the Flock, Out On A Limb

Out on a Limb... mixed-media altered book art journal spread, Hali Karla Contemplating...

all the many, many things busy little birds will tell.

All the songs and mimicry woven through time to entice, sway or glorify.

Such a captivating spell.

And how, sometimes,

away from the flock,

being out on a limb of Love in the great cosmos of the unknown,

listening to the silent ripple of resonance,

I see the miracle, matrix of living creation staring back at me,

changing me

and whispering:

do not be afraid.


detail of mixed-media altered book art journal spread, Hali Karla

I'll be going quiet through the solar eclipse, maybe a bit beyond.

Seems a little funny to say that, as I've been a bit quiet in public spaces most of this year... and yet, there is some rapid, strong energy moving around, and a couple of projects I need to finish up.

Time to be grounded, present, listen within, stretch limbs into real-time touch and creation.

Sending love and blessings to you, sweet reader.

Be creative, be well, and Shine On,



The above spread is a mixed-media contemplative page in one of my altered book art journals, using a print of 'old' art, acrylics, pastels, high-flows, inks and various gel and paint pens. My personal process is highly intuitive in approach, and the contemplation/musing is inspired by what happens on the page.