Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces... {thoughts from a Pisces}

intuitive free-flow mixed-media process in my art journal sketchbook | Hali Karla Happy Pisces Full Moon! Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Today's post is brought to you in my own living version of Pisces-speak...

Whether you know much about the helpful offerings of astrological wisdom or not, most of us can agree that there is a creative energy and power with a Full Moon.

And I don’t know about you, but this one is shining bright and strong... things are shifting, shifting, shifting. Maybe you can feel your world moving and changing all around you, right now.

Now, I’m a bit biased. As a double Pisces, I actually thrive when the moon rests here - whereas others may feel confused, overwhelmed, dis/illusioned, without boundaries, highly and uncomfortably sensitive, wanting to escape or party or medicate/meditate away all the feels that are too much to feel... because Pisces energy swims in a sea where self and other, joy and sorrow, dissolve into boundlessness.

Here, in these waves of awareness, parts of the whole relinquish separate identity to the queen mother of Wholly wholeness herself. To the bigger picture of majesty.

It's a watery terrain where things must be surrendered to the whims & rhythms of moments and tides, so that {new} visions and dreams, and a felt sense of connection and hope, can rise from the wellspring of universal Oneness to fill up our hearts.

The momentum for transformation picks up and we can almost reach out and touch its conviction forming deep, actual, and sometimes measurable change in our lives - and the reflex reaction can be: Hold On Tight!!! Here we go!!! And there’s a tension to that... a bit more than is needed usually. Can you feel it? Like knuckles clinging to a steering wheel.

When really, with a well-expressed Pisces energy, flowing, we can remember that we are no longer in the driver’s seat... so we are truly called to just Let Go and soften into the ride.

Because it’s happening. Like it or not. And even when we don’t feel in control, it can still be an amazing thrill of ALIVE - and, even more amazingly, alive and CONSCIOUS to it, with a high-holy YES!

The fun part about being in the passenger seat, so-to-speak, is that, yes, you could just take a nap - and you’ll end up somewhere when you wake up.

OR you can play with a different magic of spontaneous navigation and maps, helping the ride along, while site-seeing and responding to the changing terrain around you with wholehearted presence.

Sometimes the driver will listen and take your input down new routes, sometimes a turn you suggest might be passed by... but the journey truly becomes a co-creation of discovery. Handing over the steering wheel can offer such liberating potential and richness.

With map(s) in hand, heart and memory, and the space to see possibilities (rather than just the road ahead), you can even suggest routes that you would’ve never known were available had you been trying to do all the driving yourself.

You would have likely just gone the same old way you knew would 'get you there’. Wherever 'there' is. (There isn't a 'there,' by the way)

And by letting yourself be escorted, rather than fighting to steer the ship, you might just get to experience the miracles along the way that the illusion of control never allows us to see, taste, smell, hear, touch or otherwise know.

Pisces energy is a bit like that.

It is shadow and light and everything in between.

In it, we can realize the possibilities are infinite, that we’ll get to that mysterious place we’re going, and that the peace we seek is in channeling our focus into our living experience and relationships, into our acute sensitivities, into how we receive and how we let Love love.

We open our lens wider - and wider - to the greater vision that is revealed because of that, as both a part and the essence of a unified energy that is always dissolving into becoming, and dissolving again - an ever-presence, if you will.

To appreciate the swimming depths of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces energy, take it from me, if you will - one who swims these waters regularly - soften into what wants to be Let Go, don’t hold on tight, even if it feels like a little - or a lot - of  just too much in Life right now.

Your Spirit can handle it.

Let Go, bit by bit, or all at once - and choose some grounding methods (like making art, with your hands! or going outside, no devices!) - to anchor you to your physical self and one moment at a time.

Let your senses be present to the journey.

Start there, and the possibilities of routes and paths and next places will reveal organically and move you to action.

See them, taste them, acknowledge them.

Share them - outloud - with your driver, your higher power, a close friend or willing stranger - and know that you will get to exactly where you are needed.

You will land right where you need to receive and right where you need to give. And that will be right where you find yourself in each moment of the unfolding.

There is a Oneness, a Loving that is always - always - holding and guiding your heart along the way.

No matter who and what comes and goes, it is real. It is shining and deep and ready.

See what you sense going, and what you sense coming, and what you find present, right now, today - with this full moon in Pisces ... trust that.

Don't hold on. Let go. Let go, falling into your truth and the quietest knowing (and mystery) that whispers from within you.

Let passage take what is ready to move on. See it go, with blessing.

Make space and intention for what is on its way in, ready to be seen. Welcome it warmly, without fear.

What does it mean to you to be living and loving wholeheartedly?

You've got this, sweet soul.