I feel it in my body. 
In the small of my back, the base of my neck, 
         the place between my brows and in my belly...

The call to be quiet. 
The call to release the woes of my cells 
         into the soft stillness of a higher power. 
To lighten the build-up sludge within my mind
To let go. 
To slow down.
To cleanse.
To savor.
To shine.
Today, it is not about cleaning the floors
     or the dishes or shower,
          or checking off on my to-do list or bankbook
               or de-cluttering my desk 
                      so that tomorrow 
                             i can tackle my tasks Better
                                    and get more Done
                                              and Make things happen
                                                          and become more more More...

Right now, in this time
It is about burning my to-do list
Forgiving my mess
Smiling softly, sincerely at piles undone
In surrender to, 
       but not threatened by
             the shapeshifting flow of Change that surrounds

It is about letting the thoughts roll away as quick as they come
     like water off a feather
So that i can sit in this miracle of a body, 
     that will pass
In this world absorbed by my synapses, 
     that will also pass

And sink into the gentle vibration 
      that is me
            already in perfect expansion.