Have You Heard? For You...

Beginning with the coming of 2012,
I'll be putting together an occasional little newsletter that will highlight
musings that have inspired dialogue here on my blog,
intuitive painting videos and process from my own practice,
other amazing creative beings and their radiant offerings,
upcoming offerings and collaborations,
and anything else that just tickles me until I can't help but share it with you.
Oh - and there's gonna be a special invitation in the first one.
Something near and dear to my core,
that came to me in the magic hour between sleep and waking.
I'm super excited to let the first newsletter fly off!
  Be assured - I don't have the time to overwhelm your inboxes,
(so you don't need to worry about that!)
And it's safe, with a no spam policy and you can opt out anytime, loves.
I'm gonna give it a try - you should, too. ;)
So SIGN up!
See You There!!!

In the Works...


Oh, and did I mention that I'm slowly but surely Developing an Online Course  *

linking several facets of my passions & evolving practice - intuitive art, sensual awakening, the creative cycle, women and the healing potential of self!!!!   

Yeah, Mama - that's right -  it's gonna be juicyfruit real - 

so you better sign up for the new Newsletter to get the info and an exclusive deal when it's ripe!

* To be released in 2012.