Here It Is: My Vigil Painting Video and Closing

This is the video of my painting process and some of the prayers I felt during, before and after the Painting Vigil ten days ago. It was such a moving day of sharing and connection - and I really love that anyone in the Sacred Art of Women group can view the event and what was shared in its entirety if they weren't able to make it. Women from all over the world created beautiful works of art and intentions as they sat in communion with their creative process and the power of collective devotion.


By the end of the day I was so touched by the space that everyone created together, and this is the closing I offered the Vigil from my heart that evening:


{Closing from the Vigil} I began this day contemplating the profound ache that women feel to come together, to create and experience one another in safe, loving ways, to know belonging and connection, to re-charge. I reflected on the yearning we have for a deeper witnessing and acceptance for and from one another - one that embraces also our need for solitude and silence, as much as our thirst for our own Voices. Something shifted in this meditation, for me, though - as I witnessed and felt the immense energy that was created by you all in such graceful, loving ways. Not only do we "ache" for this... but we are joyfully wise to show up to it, even if it's hard. Because it can be hard, and even despite it being hard, we are heeding the call from a place within that *knows* coming together as women is The Way to move forward in our world right now. We are feeling our way into what this means, into how we can participate. It is so beautiful... I had a moment of tears in my painting, when I knew deeply that we all need to be held to shine... to share, to realize our capacity. We need to be held. And we are. We are. Let's relax into this. We are held by this amazing divine love that reverberates in everything, by this amazing Mother of a World, and even by the essence of each other at the truth of who we are. We are held and we are free spirits, always. Free. To choose love, to choose each other, to choose ourselves, to choose to bring each other home, with warm arms, to the wise woman thread that connects us all. Sweet Sisters, we can choose to act and move in our lives from the grace of this holding... this holding up of our light for each other... that shows us so well that we ARE the medicine we need. Great Spirit, thank you for your blessings upon this circle today. Thank you for this life that allows us to engage in co-creative acts with spirit and to connect with one another so lovingly, to learn and expand in our spirits. We offer our art and prayers to the energy of growth and the rivers of Love that you are and we trust, deeply, that you will bring us to the highest good for all as you see fit.