February Prayer Art Invitation



This month's Prayer Art Invitation is to spend some time in contemplation and connection with what "Living LOVE" means for you, your work in the world, and how you want to offer and receive the dynamic energy of love in and for this Life.

Be easy about it. Let yourself hold the feeling you desire to express and know in your heart, breathe into it, and then let go and make art! Don't disregard the dreams and visions and hopes and connections that come to you as you create either. I like to follow up my creative practice by moving back into some silent contemplation or written reflection. I can't emphasize enough what a powerful ritual this has become in my life.

With the One Billion Rising movement this month, and after our very big theme last month, this one felt like a beautiful balance and testimony to the type of momentum and intention we'd like to see replace the atrocities toward women in our world. And, besides, you can't have too much love in the world. Let's lean into that.

This month, I also thought we'd try something new for those of you with blogs. If you intend to participate and share your Prayer Art on your blog this month, go ahead and add your name and url in the Mister Linky widget below, so people will know where to visit you (or you can come back and link right to the post when you create it). Please only include links to blogs or pages where you share your art for inspiration, like flickr (no store links, etc).

If you don't have a blog, that's OK. Share your intention to participate in the comments below, or you can join the Sacred Art of Women group on facebook or the Art of Prayer group on flickr to share your creations and be inspired!