holistic creative chat with Michelle Turbide!


Today I offer to you the first of a series of casual chats I intend to have with other artists and healers that are consciously engaged in their own creative practice, on a regular basis, as a crucial element to living and exploring their truth organically, dynamically and holistically.

That's why I'm calling these Holistic Creative Chats!

I don't know about you, but I am inspired in my own practice by talking to others about theirs, and I want to know more about the way the creative process is a mirror, metaphor and catalyst for the healing process - from people who are living it in the trenches of creative expression and self-care.

You can just watch if you want to - or, if you're like me, I invite you to make a cuppa and open your journal, work on that canvas or craft, move a little color and line or jot down words that grab you, or maybe do some stretches or poses - like we're all together in a cozy, safe space.

Today's guest is the wise and grounding Michelle Turbide! She is an artist and therapist - as well as a dear friend and one of the contributors for Spectrum! She was brave enough to do the first Holistic Creative Chat recording with me  (thanks, Michelle!). There's just a little bit of wonkiness on the sound, but it's not bad at all & taught me a thing or two for next time!

I hope you enjoy and find some moments of inspiration or resonance within...


You can visit Michelle at her website RIGHT HERE.