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A Contemplative Creative Practice... Join RELATE

Creative Contemplative Practice and Circle with Hali Karla Arts

Because how we RELATE matters, and how we CREATE matters, and how we relate to ourselves while we create, connect, and engage in the experiences of our lives, minds, attention, relationships and work in the world matters ... and because Creative Practice is good, soulful medicine with joy+depth for all of it.

That’s why I’m bringing RELATE back this year, with new iterations to explore.

That, and because I’m feeling a need to ‘take a walk’ with the teachings again myself.

The core of the seven teachings in RELATE don’t change much, but we do. And our perspectives shift. Relationships continue to teach us hard and beautiful lessons and truths… and life keeps asking us to show up to whatever it presents. To discern when to lean in, to offer, to accept, and when to choose boundaries or walk away.

I don’t know about you, but I need anchors of support to ground me and guide me, conscious reflection to keep me focused, and good flowing practices with the spirit of my creativity and intuition to keep me feeling and acting like the best me I can.

Maybe you do, too? If so, you just might like to join us for the fifth RELATE exploration.

Learn more about RELATE here

a detail of an intuitive mixed-media prayer painting i made in a previous version of RELATE (by Hali Karla)

a detail of an intuitive mixed-media prayer painting i made in a previous version of RELATE (by Hali Karla)

truly, deeply, being seen... Join Me on Patreon

Creative Practice lessons, explorations, circles and more on my new Patreon - join us

I will not teach or love or show you anything perfectly,
but I will let you see me,
and I will always hold sacred the gift of seeing you.
Truly, deeply, seeing you.
 - Brene Brown

The intuition that guides how we express our creative truth is ever on-to-something and oh-so-wise.

I’m always glad when I listen and do what it says.

That’s why I’m making a big change for Hali Karla Arts that I have been considering for four years.

After blogging and teaching online for 8 years now, I have decided to launch a Patreon page for the next chapter of Hali Karla Arts. As a way to offer easy and affordable access to Creative Practice offerings for you. As a way of opening myself to receive pressure-relieving sustainability while I create courses, content, art and reflections to share. As a way to stretch beyond business-as-usual transactions/courses/marketing, and choose instead the stronger ways of gratitude and relational reciprocity, flexibility and value.

So, I have opened a new Patreon page where you can now join me for ongoing Creative Practice + Process goodness, courses, gatherings and connection!

This is how you will best be able to play and work with me moving forward, and I hope you will like it!

I want to show up, slow down and make art.

I want the same for you, and to share that with you - in the name of joy, healing, connection, meaning, depth and staying true somehow in a mad world.

Because I know I'm a better, more alive+loving human when I do... and some of you are, too. (((i see you, creative souls)))

And the world needs better, more loving humans, consciously alive to their creative power and expression, yes?! I joke... but I'm serious, too. ;-)

It is a sort of WITHNESS I crave. In my Creative Practice. In my art and offerings. In how I participate in these times and create to share with others, with you. In my human relationships, as well as my relationship with the land, the plants and critters. In my inner evolution and intuition, in our shared collective transformations and contributions, and in the presence of what is sacred to each of us.

Creative Process has always been my ship, channel, anchor, and port to this. This withness, bigger than any one of us. A direct line to the intuitive messiness and experiential, dynamic beauty of the human condition.

I’m here for it. And I’m here for you. For our inner artists, healers, seers and seekers - finding our ways on this sea-changing spirit of creativity.

So I hope you’ll have a look and consider joining me over at Patreon - for this new way of creating and connecting together!

There’s also a new video there that explains more about what it is and this decision - plus details on how to join and what you’ll receive depending on which tier you choose.


It is all still coming together and being tweaked on the page - so this is a soft announcement really.

But we thrive in our creative energy when we have the witness of others, so sharing the invitation with you all feels rejuvenating right now, even while I'm still in-process with it.

Because honestly, aren’t we always somehow in-process with our creative path and offerings? I certainly hope so, anyway, because that means we’re still learning and open to the mystery of our own creative soul.

You’ll see more things rolling out on my Patreon this week and next, and new patrons are already warming up the space with me. (((Thank you!)))

Being able to make my art and create ways to support your Creative Practice and soul-making journey means so very much to me.

If you have any questions at all, do let me know!

FREE online Creative Retreat weekend: Make Create Express

sign up for a FREE online creative retreat weekend with 27 art lessons: Make Create Express

I’m happy to finally get to share that I’m one of the 27 teachers for the Make Create Express workshop this year!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve said ‘no’ to most invitations for collaborative programs, webinars and such, but there was no way I could say anything but YES to this one for 2019, because I know what an incredible job Galia Alena does coordinating and hosting creative courses over at Art Is Magic.

join us for 27 FREE art lessons for your mixed-media creative practice. 27 stellar art teachers to guide the way

The complete Make Create Express experience is actually a year long creative adventure which kicks off with the Free Creative Retreat weekend.

That weekend, you will have access to enjoy and explore 27 lessons for your mixed-media Creative Practice - totally free.

If you can’t make it that weekend, or would like to enjoy a year of goodness with 27 additional lessons, you can opt-in for the Ongoing Creative Journey.

Check out this sweet video Galia put together to get us excited (I know it makes me want to paint!):

It’s even more exciting when you see the full line-up of teachers from around the world, and the different lessons they’ve been cooking up to share for your art journaling, mixed-media or creative practice.

Here is this year’s teacher/artist collective…

Make create Express mixed-media online creative journey kicks off with 27 FREE lessons - come sign up

Of course we want you to come play and connect with us for the whole year if you like, but make sure you treat yourself and at least join us for the free retreat. Because, FREE!

My lesson for the free retreat is called LandShapes - and includes 4 guided Creative Practices, inspired by landscapes, shapes, color, and contemplations on connecting with the land and making space come to life on the page through how we see, experiment and express with our materials and basic art element ideas.

My second lesson, in the ongoing retreat, is DreamScapes, where we create a painted world (or art journal spread) from start to finish, incorporating ideas we explored in LandShapes with an intuitive and process-oriented journey that will lead us somewhere we can’t predict.

peeks at a few of the lesson activities from my offerings for Make Create Express - join us for the FREE 27 lesson weekend

You can read the full description about my lessons over at the Free retreat sign-up page, with all the details about the other teacher’s lessons, too:

Please share and tell all your creative friends about the free offering, especially those who don’t yet know how wonderfully creative they are or who may be feeling a bit creatively dry.

This could be just the thing they need to look forward to and put a little spark back into their Creative Spirit self-care and practice.

It’s going to be packed with creative inspiration and fun - I hope to see you there!