Holistic Creative Chat with Angelique Arroyo

free interview with Ethno-activist and Healer, Angelique Arroyo about the power of circle and witness, raw sacred truths, healing, spirit world nd anchoring in our creative practices. This and more Holistic Creative Chats at HaliKarla.com Today's guest is someone I've been curious about for awhile - in that way where I sense how inspiring it would be to sit in circle with her.

What a treat to get to share a conversation with healing visionary and ethno-activist, Angelique Arroyo, who is passionate about creative community building and circles. In today's chat, she shares about the power of witness, raw sacred truths, and harmonizing times in the spirit world with grounding, intentional creative practices.


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Join Angelique for her workshop The Rise of a Medicine Woman in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle, along with 24 other workshop offerings. Begins May 1, 2015.

Angelique Arroyo is one of 25 contributors to the SPectrum 2015 Holistic Creative Circle (begins May 1). Get to know her better in this interview at HaliKarla.com

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