holistic creative chat with Autumn Weaver and Baraka Elihu

Autumn Weaver and Baraka Elihu. Holistic Creative Chat interview at Hali Karla Arts I'm super excited today to introduce a creative duo for the Holistic Creative Chat series - Autumn Weaver and Baraka Elihu. These two women embody the essence of co-creating and generosity in their devotion to holding sacred space for women and acting as "ambassadors for the sacred feminine in all ways." I am so very grateful for their presence, wisdom and connection in my life - and beyond honored to get to share their voices with you here.

Like last time, this is primarily an audio - perfect for closing your eyes, capturing inspiration or color in your journal, or while tending any moment in your life for which voices of sisterhood bring comfort. We touch on the power of women's circles and cross-pollination for the creative process, the new matriarchy, language, listening, and the evolution of their 2015 empowerment program, Birthing Ourselves into Being...



You can visit Baraka and Autumn HERE and HERE.

Also mentioned in this talk, was a post with ideas on how to start your own Sacred Circle anchored in the BOiB program. To read that article, GO HERE.