Holistic Creative Chat with Becky Swanson

Holistic Creative Chat with Guide and Yogini Becky Swanson How does trying to balance everything work out for you? When you have space in your schedule, do you leave it? Where do you leak your precious creative energy?

These are some of the highlights that this week's Holistic Creative guest touches on in our chat. Becky Swanson is a creativity guide, yogini, and mother - and a calm, wise, shining soul. We are blessed to have her as one of the contributors for Spectrum this year - and you can get to know her better by listening in to this little chat we had... Enjoy!

You can visit Becky RIGHT HERE.

Becky’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

Journey Cards: Supporting Your Soul with Strength, Sustenance and Steady Inspiration

You are sensitive and soulful. You are inquisitive … a thinker, a dreamer, a master manifestor. You know that in order to continue creating and expanding, you must “do the work.” No matter where you are on your personal journey, you cannot do it alone. There are times when everything flows beautifully and there are other moments when you must ride the rough waves. Your soul needs strength, sustenance and steady inspiration for the journey. Having a guiding touchstone that is always with you, can keep you grounded and in the energy of TRUST, knowing you are moving towards your highest good even when the outer world might not represent that.

Armed with your own intuition and guiding emotions plus the use of paper, paint, images and words, this creative, open-ended class will show you how to make your own set of Journey Cards. These cards will be meaningful, magical and powerful since they are unique to only you, created by y.o.u. This is not a one-size-fits-all class. Several options will be given to make this a truly customized creation to support your soul as you move through 2015!

(There are 24 other inspiring teachers for Spectrum this year as well!)

by Becky


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