Holistic Creative Chat with Catherine Anderson

photo by Catherine Anderson - click to hear her Holistic Creative Chat with Hali Karla Arts, where we talk about her unlikely path into art after being an attorney, Soul Collage, and how she balances the desire to cocoon with the calling to share the creative practice  

Today's Holistic Creative guest, Catherine Anderson, is a photographer, artist, author and facilitator of many creative offerings (Soul Collage, Chakradance, Labyrinth work and more). She shares with us a bit about her unlikely path from being an attorney to moving to the US and becoming an artist, as well as how she looks at balancing the desire to cocoon in her creative practice with the calling to share the process with others.

Grab a journal and some art supplies to listen with or just slow down and sip a cup of something special while you join us...

I loved chatting with Catherine - and I'm looking forward to hopping over to Charlotte, NC soon to catch one of the workshops at her studio. If that's not an option for you, she has beautiful books and online courses (including Spectrum this year!).

Visit Catherine and learn more RIGHT HERE.


Join Catherine for her workshop Connecting with the Elements through the Lens of your Camera, in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle, along with 24 other guest contributors. (Begins May 1, 2015)


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