Holistic Creative Chat with Gloria Gypsy

listen to a FREE Holistic Creative Chat with Ritual Artist Gloria Gypsy about bringing her love of nature and cerative practice together in deeply meaningful and organic ways It's been awhile since the last Holistic Creative Chat - and the pace will continue to be slower for the summer months in our hemisphere - but today I get to introduce you to a generous and soulful "Ritual Artist", Gloria Gypsy - who is also one of our guides in Spectrum 2015.

Gloria is a huge inspiration not just for the many ways she shares and explores her vision of connection for artists, but also for the way she keeps circling back to deepen how she integrates an awareness and passion for nature into her creative practices and art.

And that's exactly what we talk about in this chat...


You can visit Gloria RIGHT HERE.

To learn more about the wonderful book - The Organic Artist - which we both love and mention as a source of great inspiration for bringing natural elements and awareness into your art, CLICK HERE (for the amazon details) and HERE (to learn about the artist, Nick Neddo and/or purchase a signed copy from him).

Gloria’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle is...

Soul Scribbles

Soul Scribbles is a transformational art journaling course that draws on intuition, connects heart, mind and soul to allow our inner soul voice to emerge. It is an exceptional opportunity to profoundly inhabit the present moment.

This course is for those who are ready to express blocks creatively and use them as a catalyst for change, create unburdened by pressures from outside of self, explore feelings of irritation, frustration, or self-doubt and to transform those feelings into a freer expression through art.

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to open to your inner self and create!

(There are 24 other inspiring teachers contributing to Spectrum this year as well!)

by Gloria

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