Holistic Creative Chat with Lisa Sonora Beam

Holistic Creative Chat with artist and creative entrepreneur Lisa Sonora Beam There are so many ways that Lisa Sonora's generous sharing of her process and practice have had profound impact on my own - and on so many other creatives that I get to know in my work with others. She speaks a language, with her words and about creative practice, that both resonates and activates the journaling process for others in a way that is practical and rich.

You may know her from her book, The Creative Entrepreneur, or her beautiful memoir, Sketchbooks. Or maybe you've taken a course with her online or in person.

She's also coming to the states in June - and will be stopping out here in the east in my own beautiful state of North Carolina. You can bet I'll be at one of her workshops!

As today's Holistic Creative guest, she opens up about some of those practical tips for keeping a creative practice, as well as about her own chronic health issues and how that effects her creative energy, and how a regular practice offers guidance for times of transition and decision-making. Good stuff.

Grab a journal and a pen, or just close your eyes (this one is all audio) and come listen in...

You can visit Lisa RIGHT HERE.

Lisa’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

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(There are 24 other inspiring teachers for Spectrum this year as well!)

by Lisa

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