Holistic Creative Chat with Lucy Pearce

Holistic Creative Chat with artist, author, and publisher Lucy Pearce from Ireland - listen in for free at HaliKarla.com Two Holistic Creative Chats in one week - Yip!

Grab your art journal and listen in as I chat with the passionate and energetic artist, author and publisher, Lucy Pearce (from Ireland). She shares her thoughts on being in an era of creative revolution, never feeling like we do enough, the why behind our creative endeavors, and a bit about an upcoming offering on self-publishing.



You can visit Lucy HERE and HERE.

She also said that if you know you want to sign up for the free self-publishing interviews that begin later this month, GO HERE.


Join Lucy for her workshop The Spiral Journey in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle, along with 24 other contributors and workshops. Begins May 1, 2015.

image from artist and author Lucy Pearce - listen to a free Holistic Creative Chat with her at HaliKarla.com

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