Holistic Creative Chat with Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Free Holistic Creative Chat with Couples' Coach, Michele Lisenbury Christensen at Hali Karla Arts. Join her and 24 other contributors for this year's Spectrum Holistic Creative Circle. Today's chat is so good, I'm not going to delay you - (because I babble enough at the beginning of the video for an introduction anyway) - but mostly because I *really* want you to listen to the story about a Queen and the General that Michele Lisenbury Christensen shares - as well as her thoughts on being a mother and wife with a business, and the importance of taking risks::

You can visit Michele RIGHT HERE.

Join Michele for her workshop, The Queen and the General:  Integrating Masculine and Feminine Power in Life, Love, and Action - in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle, along with 24 other guest contributors. (Begins May 1, 2015)

Here's the juicy description of her offering: Every human being possesses tremendous personal power in a range of flavors and textures.  We can activate our power as fierce and resilient, as focused and holistic, as receptive and driving.  Our culture can nudge us toward overvaluing the more make-it-happen aspects of our power… and thus overusing them.  We may also come to view our power to hold, to allow, or to be nourished as either a liability we must minimize or a luxury we must first earn.    In The Queen and the General, we play with the sensory-rich archetypes of a sovereign feminine power and a masculine consort whose qualities are devoted to serving the choices of the queen, rather than dominating her.  We’ll use this framework to refine the way we contain and apply our power.  It’s subversive, it’s sexy, and it’s oh-so-empowering.

photo from Michele

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