Holistic Creative Chat with Shelley Klammer

Holistic Creative Chat with Counsellor and Artist Shelley Klammer at Hali Karla Arts I have been a big fan of Shelley Klammer's wisdom and generous sharing online for years now. Her website is a great resource for both learning about the art and healing connection through her posts AND for prompts and activities to put it to actual practice through creative process (the even better way to learn for ourselves).

I was so happy when she reached out to me as a kindred creative, and absolutely thrilled and honored when she agreed to one of these chats to share with you.

The sound quality is less than perfect in a couple of spots on the video, but I know that won't be too big of deal as you listen in to her heartfelt sharing, enthusiasm and wisdom.

I'm certain she will inspire you just as much as she has inspired me...


You can visit Shelley RIGHT HERE.

To listen to the interview she did with Bebe Butler for the Painted Guru Summit last month (mentioned in the video), CLICK HERE.


by Shelley Klammer - click through to hear an interview with her