I Just Couldn't Ignore Her Anymore


I thought this painting was finished a few weeks ago - you might remember it from HERE.

I had cleaned my brushes, put the paints away, hung her high up on the wall in my studio, and started several new pieces. I even posted her on etsy in case she had a new home to fly away to.

But as I was working on new art in the studio, she kept calling my eyes and attention up to her... as if asking for something more. As if to say, "we're not done yet."

I confess, sometimes I groan when I hear that from a piece... after all, I've moved on, right? Nope. Not exactly. You see, if I ignore that little nudge to take more time, to listen a little more... I just can't fully settle into the next piece or phase of my process.

So, I pulled her off the wall and set her back on the easel for a few more rounds.

Ends up, she didn't have any more needs for herself - she and her sweet robin were pleased with how they were. She just wasn't settled into the environment she found herself in after our initial affair. That background, that setting, that was initially crazy bursts of energy... it needed to be deeper, earthier, more like the smell of spring soil that ignites our senses in the woods.

So that's how I applied it, with my fingertips, like sifting soil and spreading seeds-to-be. Or caressing sweet moss.

Things have settled between us, and she's happily back on the wall.