Lead With Your Wild Heart


Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Heather Plett for her program Lead With Your Wild Heart.

I'll be perfectly honest - this was my first video interview. But Heather made it easy on me just by holding space for me to open up about what I'm most passionate about... creating as a sacred energy.

I've felt so blessed to know Heather and her insightful, heart-centered work online. She touches my heart regularly, by speaking truths that not everyone is willing to, with deep courage and creativity. She is one of those people doing her best to walk her talk with both commitment and flexibility to life - that is the way of a wise woman, for sure.

Her Lead With Your Wild Heart program is getting ready to go into its second round, so give it a good look if you're feeling the call toward something deeper, different, and more integrated in your offerings to yourself and the world.

To give you a taste of the many interviews she did, and the depth of insights that will be touched on from that piece alone, she made a beautiful compilation video with snippets from each of us. This video alone is super inspiring and got me feeling all warm and tingly and more courageous myself.

So grab a cup and settle in, or let it play while you clean your desk.

Heather was also one of the contributors to my Artist~Healer Circle last year. You can still see the wonderful video post she made by going HERE, exploring how she came to her understanding of what it means to be an Artist and a Healer.


** I've never done the affiliate thing before for someone else's offerings, but I 100% believe in Heather Plett's work in the world, and she offered the gesture as a way to spread the word. And in this beautiful world of give and receive, we all get to support each other a little bit, so I joined in. If you click on the links above to her site, they just tell your cookie-monster that, should you sign-up, I get a small percentage of that registration fee for sharing. It's the circle of support in action!