I Love His Art...

For those of you that don't know, my fella is an artist, too.
Of both the visual and musical varieties.

He's not just a part-time, sorta wanna be, unsure, wishy-washy kind.
He's for real.
It's in his cells, and he's known it his whole life.
It's just who he is. It's what he does.
Art and music are his territory.

I happen to be a big fan. A little in awe at times, really.
Of his process. His music. His art.
His dynamically changing approach to all.
His ability to let creative Source flow through him without really knowing how.
I'll admit, his creative expressions and perspectives
were a big part of what drew me to him to begin with.

I love being by his side to witness it come forth
and shift and evolve.

Like the piece above. I just love it.
Love it.

I love how his process sometimes informs mine
and mine sometimes informs his.
We think and work so differently
in most ways imaginable.

And yet there's a place of understanding where we meet.

It's a beautiful exchange to participate in.


To see more of Steve's work visit his website