I LOVED this book

Lisa Sonora Beam


I keep meaning to publish a post telling you how much I loved Lisa Sonora Beam's new book Sketchbooks.

Well, it ends up today is her birthday, so why the heck not tell you about it now, in the midst of a little procrastination, and since we're celebrating birthdays over here this week. (PLUS, she wrote an awesome post this week on life after tampons.)

I really didn't need another book to read, but was completely sold after hearing her interviewed. **

And I could hardly put it down. Honestly, I would get to a chapter where I thought, oh my god, this woman gets me. I'm not completely alone in the world as an all-over-the-place artist, just doing this creative process thing minute by minute, with all of my glorious monkey-mind bullshit.

I would think that was IT - the ultimate apex of the read, and then I'd move into the next chapter, and she'd be diving deeper into my own heart, layer by layer - pulling out tears and laughter, touching on intimate childhood stuff, woman stuff, deep healing work, and the bravery (and uncertainty) of forging an unconventional way of approaching life.

She mingles all this deep stuff with what I imagine to be a very natural sense of humor, too. All around GOOD stuff.

So, yeah, you might wanna go get it.

{And - Happy Birthday, Lisa!}


** That interview that sold me on Lisa is right over here at DFS!


(Lisa's one of those generous artists that offers an affiliate option for those of us who love and support her work, so if you purchase that book, I might get a little art supply money, if the links work out right!)