i'm the new creative director for 21 Secrets + fall teachers announced today!


Today is the big unveiling!!!

The next line-up of 21 Secrets teachers is being shared with the world - for the very first FALL offering ever!

In case you missed the big news in this video, let me just say that several months ago, I began working with Dirty Footprints Studio as the new Creative Director for 21 Secrets - and I couldn't be happier!

It was a role easy to say YES to. So much of my life experience has prepared me for the position - from working with artists in other director/curator type roles, to organizational and project management positions, and to just 'getting' what it's like to be an artist-teacher myself. Plus, I have had personal experience with 21 Secrets as a happy participant for several years, and even as a teacher in 2013. I'm passionate about the power of art journaling to inspire creativity, heal hearts, and enhance lives!

But maybe most important, in my huge YES to taking on the responsibilities as Creative Director, is the 21 Secrets mission - created by Connie of Dirty Footprints. I'm just completely in alignment with it... Energizing diverse creativity, nourishing creative connections, and bringing together enthusiastic, heart-centered artists in an effort to spread generous inspiration and collectively support the gifts of those artists reaching others. Yes, yes, yes!! 21 Secrets is growing, and you can bet I'm happy to help that effort.

So, after a few months of settling into the new role, today's announcement of the amazing Fall 21 Secrets teachers has me feeling honored, proud, and VERY excited for the journaling magic that is brewing!!

Today starts the pre-sale - with special discounts for the first people who sign-up - so go check out the Fall teachers and workshops RIGHT HERE!