a Spectrum of journal inspiration for your viewing!

journal page by Jes Gordon  

There's something... organic about what is happening in Spectrum.

journal page from Spectrum participant Heidi Redfield


Something... feminine.

journal cover for Spectrum, Whinnie Calhoun

Something... naturally healing.

Spectrum journal page by Melanie Kiser


I confess, I may be biased, but I truly feel there's a bit of magic at work here. The kind that couldn't be planned precisely or predicted. The kind that only happens over time, as the elements shift and change.

Spectrum journal page by Laurie Staples Ritchie


The kind that happens when we come together with a vision, a little faith, and a willingness to show up, do the work of expression and exploration, be seen - and vulnerable, and share creative connections...

Spectrum journal page, wip by Melissa Dowling


... trusting that this is exactly what can touch one another's souls, heal our hearts and inspire courage and peace in our lives.

Spectrum journal page by Michelle Turbide


Now that Spectrum is in its third month (of ten), we are beginning to feel how the parts are starting to play together for each of us.

Spectrum journal page by BJ Long


How they integrate into our unique perspectives and lives, and influence our own practices and sense of innate wholeness.

Spectrum journal work by Loran Hills


One of my favorite things is how so many of the Spectrum contributors are also participating in the other contributor's workshops - right alongside the participants. There is such a sense of inclusiveness and warmth that emanates from that...

Spectrum journal page by Wendy Sarno


... in seeing that we are all in practice with our creative process, no matter what our experience or expertise. It feels a bit like a virtual journaling circle.

Spectrum journal page by Michelle Casserley


The contributors aren't taking the other workshops because they're expected to or because I asked them to (I didn't). They're participating when they can because the content is just that rich, heartfelt and inviting. Because each woman present in Spectrum has something to offer.

This post shares a mix of participant and contributor journal pages from the 12 workshop invitations that have already been released.

Spectrum journal page by Corina Stupu Thomas


In the last month, I've received several personal notes and comments of thanks from participants as well. The kind that make my heart swell and fuel the work to bring this monthly journey to fruition for hundreds of participants. Lives touched, artists remembering what art-making feels like for the first time in years, healing beginning and completing and shifting, bodies awakening, senses and hearts opening to nature again, joy in just playing and being free on the page, releasing the stuck junk and making room for felt vitality...

Spectrum journal page by Lynda Wood


Several participants have shared that they can't get over the value of Spectrum either. I can't tell you how much that means to me to hear - because I know what it's like to splurge when times are tight, and I want a sense of abundance and diversity in the content for our journalers. I want it to feel like a wonderful gift to one's self.

Spectrum journal page created by Michelle Turbide
created by Michelle Turbide


And here's the thing that I am personally grateful for every day that the Spectrum 2014 offerings are out there and the community is supporting one another: I couldn't have created this alone. Not in this way, with this vast interwoven beauty and impact. I am grateful for every YES that was felt and followed, from contributor to participant, as we see where this takes us and how it expands our own roots, stretching our vision and connection-awareness.

I *know* the power of a creative practice firsthand, so I'm not surprised - but I feel so very grateful that others are feeling the magic of their own practice, as well.

Next Thursday, we dive deep into the fires of DESIRE!

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