In Retreat

My energy is so very very charged right now.
And I have so much I want to share and say.
Sitting to write leaves me not knowing where to begin.

I have been clearing space, within, without - scaling down to simpler potential.
I have been on creative retreat, meeting sisters of soul and paint,
holy water to the thirsty woman inside this shell.
I have witnessed soft, strong warrior healing and truth unfolding...
     evidence of this is everywhere I lay Open eyes, and for this i am so glad, so glad.

There is a fire that has been sparked,
A Sense of meaning and mystery balanced in every breath and light around me, of me.
There is deep change on the Spring breeze kissing my life,
and I am at the precipice of vows within the temple of my heart.

I see there is no knowing, just a river flowing its assertion
that it Will run its course.

All I can do is hold on and turn my face into the breeze, in sweet retreat.