Artist~Healer Circle :: Heather Plett

Our second post for the Artist~Healer Circle is from the amazing
Heather Plett!
I couldn't be more thrilled to offer our talking stick to her...
because I'm a little enamored by her.
Not only does she love mandalas like I do, and art and healing,
and the power of feminine wisdom and leadership,
but she offers an inspiring blog with various goodies
for "edgewalkers" and "leading with your paint clothes on"!
Makes my heart sing!
Here she is talking about her calling to step into herself as an Artist and Healer: 
So what did you think? Any thoughts or questions? I love the part about the spiral...
Be sure to leave a comment for the circle below
if you feel called to.
Some of Heather's Mandalas:

And here's her bio with a link for more info and where to find her:
Heather Plett is a writer, speaker, and teacher whose specialties lie in the areas of creativity, leadership, storytelling and community.  In her workshops and on her blog,, Heather teaches about the creative/spiritual practices that have helped her along her journey including mandalas, contemplative photography, and body art journaling. 
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