In the Sky, On the Road

This week we've come north to Ohio to visit family.

On the road, during the drive, I'm always filled with memories that roll back in, feelings that move to the forefront, as we get closer and closer to these places and people familiar to the stories of our lives.

That sky picture at the top - I'm dedicating to my great grandmother, Lavonne,

who died many years ago now,

as part of Connie Hozvicka's Piecing Together The Sky project.

Those bridge pictures over the Ohio river

just make me think of the bridges between different parts and places of our lives, 

connecting relationships,

and just the perpetual bridges between where we are

and where we're going.

Connie's from Ohio, too.

As was her friend who passed away in an untimely fashion and inspired her project.

As was my grandmother.

My grandma gave me a couple of the greatest gifts of my whole life:

     - The beauty of taking slow walks to linger on the subtle changing of seasons, and

     - The gift of music, in my veins and heart.

Two gifts that are steady and get me through, and give me that feeling of coming home inside myself.

Please stop by and see Connie's amazing project and memorial video to her Uncle Johnny if you haven't already. 

And always, always, when you look at the sky and think of those you love that have passed,

let yourself, just as easily, be pulled back into the connection of the living miracles

and spirits still here with you,

in this time that you have.