Artist~Healer Circle :: Hali Karla

This week the talking stick is passed to your host,

and that would be...


I had some awesome bullet points and had planned to create a snazzy video 

with thoughtful edits and such,

but truth be told, we were planning and packing to leave for a trip to see family 

when it came down to time to make it. 

In fact, I was running out of time and almost scrapped the idea of posting this week altogether.

But I really wanted to connect and share a bit

in this circle that is touching my life so deeply,

out of gratitude and the desire to give a small glimpse about the driving force inside of me

and behind the creation of this Artist~Healer Circle.

So, you get the impromptu, unedited, one-take version,

with all its spontaneity, "um"s, lip-biting, and even a bland backdrop.

Even the part where the webcam cut me off and I had to start the thought again.

All right here, for you, from the heart,

as I share a story that has helped guide my understanding

of the power we have to create and evoke healing


and where that power begins,

as I believe it to be true, today.


Artist Healer Circle :: Aug 2012 thoughts


Hali Karla





A Prayer of Blessing


The Blessing of Hands

(as shared with me)

I like to think of this before I offer care as a nurse or to a loved one,

and before I start a Prayer Painting.

(if "God" doesn't work for you, that's ok, just insert your word for Higher Power or Source. I don't adhere to any one religion myself, but rather find comfort and wisdom in the many ways that the power of Source is expressed and experienced throughout our world)

A Prayer of Blessing

May you be blessed with a spirit of gentleness and a heart that is tender.

May you be blessed with a spirit of strength shining within you.

May you be blessed with a spirit of compassion and a fervent caring.

May you be blessed with a spirit of courage, daring to be who you are.

May you be blessed with a spirit of openness, understanding and respect.

May the earth hold you.

May the wind lift you up.

May the fire draw and warm you.

May the water soothe your soul.

May this blessing symbolize the flow of healing, from God to you, and through you to others. Amen.

The Blessing of Hands

(this is typically offered by a leader, but can be offered to one's self in a moving way, I've found)

Our hands carry out what our hearts and minds have proposed to do. In doing so, we are saying to others, "You are important to us, and you are cared for by the efforts of many who value you, your work and your needs."

(Holding your hands in front of you, observe their appearance and think of all that you do with your hands each day which brings compassion to others.)

You have chosen to bless others with your hands in the work you do. Now we are going to bless your hands in recognition of the Holiness of what you do everyday.

(As you are comfortable, place your right hand palm up in the palm of your left hand, extending your hands to receive the blessing [which you can say to your own hands or have another say to you])

"Oh, Holy God, bless these hands and the heart that moves them, that they may continue to be a blessing to others."

God blesses our hands for service.

We receive the strength offered by our Creator.

Let us also receive the vision to see with the eyes of our hearts.

And the courage to persevere in difficult times.

May all those who lives we touch come to know God's love.

May that same love be a consolation to us.

Let us return to our duties with blessed hands that are joyously spontaneous as well as meticulously reliable.

We go, renewed and refreshed, dedicating our hands, our heart, and our sense of humor to bring healing to those we meet.

Let us say the following prayer:

Holy God, may your presence be in all that I do. Renew in me an awareness of your sustaining love that touches me each day, opening the eyes of my heart to see that you touch the world through the work of my hands. Amen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~