Join Us for a {Painting} Vigil



A vigil can be a beautiful type of gathering to welcome into your life.

It is a time of observation, honoring, reflection and quiet participation. It is a devotional wakefulness and peaceful demonstration of united purpose, hope and presence.

I had intended to do a live-streaming, chatting experience, but found a few unexpected technical glitches - ones that won't be resolved by Sunday.  So, I decided to let my creative brainstorming power take over...

And, for this go around, I have to say - I just LOVE what I came up with after playing around a bit!

I love it because you can participate anytime that works for you over a 12 hour period, and because it's gonna be super easy to participate... because it will all take place right inside the Sacred Art of Women facebook group!

And the most beautiful part ~  it will stay right there in the group after it's over - as a beautiful testimony of our shared time in virtual vigil together for this very special topic of contemplation that NEEDS our collaborative, creative efforts to be sparked in as many ways as possible.

The more ways we creatively engage our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies with the work that needs to be done in our world, together - the more fluid, visible and holistic the solutions and avenues of progress become in our hearts... and the more courageous we become.


Come one, Come all !  I’ll be there - offering space and sharing, either way!

Here are the details:


Any woman interested in joining together in virtual circle and putting deliberate, collective energy and attention toward this month’s Prayer Art Invitation, through your spiritual practice and/or creative process.

Interpret this however feels right for you. Many of us in the group paint and art-journal, and others also write, take photos, dance, make music, collage, etc. We will be {praying} and {painting} - however that looks for you - and collectively raising energy for the Women of Our World who are suffering, need healing or resources or love, require better conditions and treatment and more just circumstances to live their truth and realize their voice, beauty and potential... and then some. For some, this will be work about mending tender relationships, for others it will be about releasing old patterns, and some will feel a global pull for contemplation and the stirrings of action. This is my desire in sharing this invitation.

WHEN: January 27, 2013, 10am-10pm EST

Show up & participate whenever you can that day, but just commit to carving out at least 30 minutes for your process of connecting to your art and spiritual practices - or visit throughout the day like I plan to.

WHERE:Sacred Art of Women facebook group

Join here: *


Read through theJanuary Prayer Art Invitation HERE.

Sit in quiet with this and see what comes up for you ~ set an intention or prayer. This could be more personal or more global, or anywhere in between. Consider how you’d like to engage your spiritual and reflective process with a creative act. Choose your medium!


A candle and your intention. Your favorite art supplies, music, tools, sacred objects, journal, etc. Your internet access and a camera if you would like to share visual moments of your process or creation with the group during the day. And your heart-centered presence.


There are many ways you can ‘attend’ this creative vigil. Here are some ways you can interact within the circle that day:

  • Start by coming to the group page, go to the events tab and select the event - this is where we will share and interact.

  • Announce your presence and participation by joining the event and posting a comment. Share your intention if this feels right.

  • Comment on posts by others in the event. Dialogue if you are both present at the time.

  • Share images of your space, your creations, your stories, your thoughts, prayers, questions or struggles with the invitation, etc.

  • Share some links of your favorite organizations or offerings that contribute to the education, healing and improved conditions & quality of life for women around the world. **

  • Declare commitments of action, if they rise up organically within you.

  • OR, just come and witness your sisters in silence as they focus their energy from where they are and share with one another.


10am - I will offer brief opening thoughts and intention

Throughout the day - I plan to spend my day in deliberate quiet and reflection, as well as in another women's circle very much in alignment with the intention here. I plan to pop into the group from time to time

7pm-10pm- I will begin my own prayer painting process, checking in with the group and sharing updates every 25-30 minutes or so. If anyone has questions for me, I will try to answer those during this time. I will be video-taping my painting process to share at a later date.

10pm- I will offer a closing blessing to finish our daytime vigil together.


* I do believe that you will need to be a member of the group in order to see the event and participate. While the group is open to any woman who would like to join at this point, we have elected to make it a ‘closed’ group to honor the sharing in a more private manner than public groups allow.

** All I ask, is that while we can use this time and space to educate each other objectively about conditions in our world that may be unjust, difficult, sad or horrific - let’s keep the overall focus of our energy and sharing, during this time, toward raising healing, positive, transformative, empowering, and hopeful energy. Let’s do this from the pulse of feminine stillness and wisdom that connects us all. Let’s celebrate possible ways we can be part of change in our own lives.

Photo on 1-21-13 at 3.37 PM #2

Photo on 1-21-13 at 3.37 PM #2

That's it, folks! I’m super excited to share intentional time in this way with the group for the first time, and to see what beautiful prayers, meditations and creations are birthed as we focus our energy together toward this month’s invitation and the divine power of creative source.

(Don’t worry - if you are confused in any way about how this will play out, it will be easy to follow along on the day of the event - and the group will be there to help each other along! Think of it this way - the Facebook Event announcement/invitation will be the actual space for the event itself! )

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

In Love~and~Light,