Just Because {a flip-through video of my art journal}

art journal, mixed media, intuitive, Hali Karla Arts  


Because there is a drought and wild fires in Western North Carolina that I can smell in my backyard.

Because today is election day in the states, and there's a lot of waiting and division and the rising of change and reckoning that has been a long time coming.

Because my faith is stronger than ever. In the miracle of creation and people fighting the good fight, growing, becoming, initiating healing, helping and change.

Because this world is full of overwhelm, AND great, great magnificence we get to experience... consciously, reverently, for a blink in time.

Because soulful creatives give me hope. And so do the stars.

Because the work of our hands and our hearts, right here, right now, is so often exactly what gets us through. And it is exactly what we are here to do.

Because a creative practice can hold and witness all the moments in flux, process what has no words, reveal hushed dreams and potent sensitivities, and evoke images from within that become oracles of connection and unfolding stories. Simply. Somehow. All of that.

And because, in other times, it just offers a little relief, joy and moments of wonder...

Just Because.


The art journal in the video was from a couple of years ago. One of my favorite ones. The journal/sketchbook is THIS ONE from Strathmore.