Just this Life {10} - it's been a longtime






I wasn't going to come, because I have so much to do right now.

It's been a long time since I was able to make a visit to my parent's home in Michigan, though. And something in me felt it important to come this summer.

After some honest thought, I realized what was holding me from the 14 hour drive was an old way of thinking about getting my work done, with a nice dose of plain old fear about not enough time. A way that I have worked hard to transform in thought and schedule, just waiting to be put to a tangible test like this ~ to go or not to go.

I've taken big steps to create a life in which I have some flexibility for just this sort of thing, to be able to bring my work with me, even spur of the moment as life will have it sometimes.

So, I decided to come anyway and Trust the FULL process - not just my creative process in the studio, but the process of my spirit and life, to bring me exactly what I need to be present in my life and let my offerings work through me, organically and unforced, in a timing that is outside of my agenda and fear.

And though I didn't expect it, I'm not surprised that it feels like coming to this space - allowing this space, choosing this space - is a necessary step in the work I'm doing right now, too... a piece of the puzzle I needed to experience and be with, making the process of visioning and manifesting my offerings richer and more intimate.

There are pieces of my journey here I needed to feel close to again, in the soil, the air, the familiarity, the love, a sort of touchstone for the adventures and sharing that is to come.

Today, I say, I am so blessed. Today, I say, chi Miigwetch.