Keeping Rhythm

canvas spirit in progress I tacked this canvas up on the wall a few weeks back. I knew I would be moving into a different manifestation of creating - content and files, videos and mp3s, writing, flyers, gathering and being with.

A different pace with some learning curves.

What I also know is that I don't feel quite right without my hands in the color, even just a little bit, on most days.

It grounds me, connects me to Source.

So I tacked this on the wall, said a little prayer of intention for the work I'm now knee-deep in, that what needs to be received will work through me... I Trust, I Trust... and I will not hold back... I am here, an open heart, open vessel for this work.

Now, while I'm spending most hours of my day creating, away from the easel and wall, I know that I can get up and walk over to this canvas, touch in with my prayer again, and move some color around as a gesture of commitment and keeping it all light & flowing.

It helps me remember my roots, my center, my freedom. And the other work I'm doing is flowing, too.

Just this little bit of prep work - gesso and staple to the wall - is honoring my truth and needs that I function best when I dip in frequently like a hummingbird - tending my soul by turning to my art again and again, just this little bit has relieved me of a weight I used to feel around being consumed in 'project' creation.

I've set myself free to touch in with my muse, daily quietly, like a priestess to the temple and there is such peace in this.

This, the Rhythm of my devotion.